​Looking Past The Distraction Not Looking Past Your Destiny​

I watch a lot of soccer games. We have four kids and they all play soccer so I’m never out of things to do on Saturday

One thing that stands out on my youngest child’s team are the distractions those kids contend with at each game.

Parents are yelling and telling their kids which direction to run, where to kick the ball. In my case, I’m usually yelling out “stop talking, River”!  The children are running all over the field having to filter all the distractions and know which ones to ignore and which ones to listen to.  Just like in our own lives, we have to know how to filter distractions inside our seasons.  Today, as I’m recognizing my need for supernatural grace to keep my focus on what has been placed in front of me, my thoughts automatically go to Nehemiah.

Nehemiah was the cup-bearer for the King and he was burdened to tears for his city, he asks the King if he can go rebuild the ruins. The king blesses it and not only sends him, but he equips him with supplies, provision, and resources. Rebuilding the wall was Nehemiah’s assignment. This is such a perfect description of what happens when our assignment meets our passion, it results in a release of vision; that vision brings about provision and resources. Nehemiah casts vision and assembles a community of people excited to rebuild the wall.


It kind of reminds me of what it’s like to begin something new. You heard God and confirmation after confirmation followed, seems everything was coming together. Landing the job, starting the business, launching the ministry, everything was falling into place and you were alive with hope and passion for what was in front of you.

Have you been there too?


But once they began rebuilding, the distractions started.

The thing about distractions, they come with one strategy and that is to keep you far from completing what God placed in front of you.

The goal of the enemy was to get Nehemiah distracted to look away long enough to step away from it.  Before long that thing we were burning with passion for is a tiny flicker and convincing us to step away from it doesn’t take much persuasion.  I remember when we first planted Center City Church, it was fresh, exciting, and we were full of expectation. It wasn’t until the attacks came that the thing we had been so burdened for, the thing we had relocated our family for was the very thing we were questioning.

Had we made a mistake? No.  When you’re positioned to build your wall it’s not a question of IF the distractions will come, it’s a question of WHAT you will do when they arrive.


I’ve heard it said “success is defined by wholeheartedly embracing what is in front of you” So what do we do?  We build what’s in front of us. Be faithful to build where you are and God will reward you.  Some assignments are big, life-long assignments like building a great marriage, raising your children, and others are just for a season.  Just like Nehemiah, you are anointed to live in your present. You are anointed to do what is in front of you.  

Today, I’m sensing my need to ask God for a greater love for the wall I’m building, a deeper desire to open my arms wider to the thing I’ve been called to build.  

I do not want to live with my heart disconnected from my current assignment.  

There are no ‘insignificant assignments’ in the Kingdom. Imagine if that wall you’re building today was the support beam for the next decade of your life?  Would it be a stable, strong source to build your future on? This is an area we don’t want to cut corners, but to give our highest and best. Seasons have ways of repeating themselves and structures have ways of collapsing. Let’s get it right the first time.

I declare over your life today, that you are present, positioned and ready to build.  Imagine what God will do through a surrendered life in a short amount of time?  You’re about to find out.


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  1. “Build your wall in such a way today, that is will be able to support your future ” That is a very powerful thought! Thanks for the encouragement….!!!!!

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