Do it Anyway


Heart racing, hands are sweating and my thoughts are all over the place.

I’m apprehensive, what if I can’t do this anymore?  Have I lost the ability?

I sit down and I open up the screen.  Stare.  I can feel the adrenaline pulsing through my veins.


The cycle starts all over again.

What is this madness?  Anxiety?  Yeah, probably.


This is what writing has been like for me.  Something I use to do so easily, almost without any effort,  the words would just spring up and onto the page.  But now, it’s an anxiety producing event.  I wake up each morning and it’s the very first thing I think about, and I go to bed thinking “maybe tomorrow”.


Months and months have passed and it’s still there.  I’ve prayed for breakthrough, I’ve had others pray for me, they’ve pulled off every assignment and distraction from the enemy…and still I sit here without breakthrough.  But, today I’m going to write anyway.


What are you anxious about, what are you waiting for God to do for you, so you can have breakthrough?  Can I suggest that maybe in our waiting for God to do something, He’s waiting on us to do something?  Trust me, I have grace for you.  I don’t say those words lightly and I understand the internal turmoil you’re in.   I have been inside that place of fear and I know very well what it feels like.  But what if your breakthrough is on you?  It’s on you to break the fear cycle.


Today, it’s on you to write anyway.

11 responses to “Do it Anyway”

  1. It’s what we dwell on that causes the most fear in our life…sometimes it’s hard
    to change the tape…but is well worth it…had to and have to do that now and
    then. II Timothy 1:7…A Sound mind…not one torn by our thoughts that usually
    have to do with …I, Me, or My . You write well.


  2. BAMMM!! You GO Sherri! Write on anyway. Whatever is in your heart at that moment, write it down and bring LIFE to it. I PROMISE you that there is more than one of us out here, waiting, then reading and BAMMM, there is a connection that creates that spark that brings change. Like a lightning rod just needs that one bolt of lightning. Just keep writing, then watch God bring the BOOM! 👍🏻😊👏🏻👌🏼❤️

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  3. I get it…I totally understand… and I think Satan knows how effective and dangerous we could be if we were to follow through with what God told us to do. So, despite the feelings…we have to do it…for Him…not for ourselves or how we are satisfied ..but for Him…to glorify Him

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  4. It’s been so long since I have seen anything from you in my inbox; I was elated to finally see your name. Your blogs are always so honest, true and reach into our hearts. I certainly empathize with you, each month I struggle with my own need to come up with words to write. We always think we are alone in our struggles. All it takes is one brave person to share what they are going through and it produces a breakthrough for the rest of us. Then we realize we are not alone, there is nothing wrong with us, there are others out there just like us. I get so tired of the enemy’s tactic to isolate us in our gunk (no misspelling, it’s a combo of garbage and junk). Let your message to be a rallying cry to everyone of us, that we begin to give a voice to whatever is causing hesitation to move forward.

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  5. Question for you Sherri. Has the Lord given you a word for a church or a person that you’ve been hesitant about giving it to them? I’ve had times where I was very apprehensive about delivering a particular word.


      • Indeed, the fear of man is definitely a stronghold prophets must constantly contend with. I remember many years ago a pastor, who also moved in the prophetic, telling me that rejection came with the territory and that if I couldn’t handle rejection then I should not get into prophesying.


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