Developing in the Dark Room

I have a friend that is an amazing photographer. She studied photography in school and her talent with the camera is astounding. She explained to me that even though most photography has switched primarily to digital, that she preferred working with film, even though film was not as easy. Film photography requires a process and there is no editing that can be done with film but that is a benefit with digital. Why would a photographer use film now? Interestingly, film has a higher dynamic range and captures details that can’t be seen with digital. But the process to getting the perfect shot with film is riskier and takes longer, patience is required.

With digital, many pictures can be taken in a few moments. With film, the decision for photos is thought out and intentional because you get one chance to capture the moment. With digital, we can tell in that instant whether we like the photo or not – if not we can take 30 more until we get what we want. With film, we have to wait for the dark room process to be over in order to see what we captured. In the dark room there are multiple tedious steps in the process of taking a roll of film to picture form, the finished piece of art.

I’ve been in this funky place where I feel I’ve been sitting in a dark room. Anybody else?

Time seems to be dragging and I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to be doing except waiting on The Lord and listening to Him. To outsiders, it might appear as though I’m disengaged with ministry, since I’ve not been sharing about the process I am in, at least not in a public way.

I AM experiencing His presence in incredible ways and I’m being still.  I am being filled to overflowing. Those things are all amazing for me personally. However, most of the seasons of my life have looked like tremendous activity where I’m receiving from Him just as fast as I’m giving it away.  And to be honest, I love those times because I feel I’m living my purpose, I feel the most alive and very fulfilled.   But this is a different time.  I’m in that hidden place and I’m not giving as fast as I’m receiving.

Darkrooms aren’t a bad thing.  The process of developing takes place there. Promotion happens in the darkroom.

Our risk to go after something we’ve never had before requires being content within a great deal of mystery.  It’s hard to attain the film photography attributes in an instant camera, it just can’t happen.  There is a process that has to be honored to achieve that result.

There is someone reading this and you’ve felt hidden away and you’ve not understood it.  It’s not punishment.  It’s the opposite, it’s actually God setting you up for more.  Think about David in 1 Samuel 16.  He was out in the field day after day with the goats and sheep.  He was hidden away, he was being prepared, just him and the Lord. The Lord was developing him to carry the anointing that was to come. 

His brothers “looked” more the part of king than he did, but God doesn’t care about the outside appearance, He’s looking for the one that’s willing to be in the secret place. David thought he was just a shepherd boy but God was training up a king. 

There is a king inside of you, there is something more God wants to bring to the world through your life. 

Don’t bypass the darkroom seasons or leave them undeveloped, they are meant to be seasons of increase. That’s me, I’m in a season of increase.  If that’s you too, start thanking Him for what’s coming, there is a greater anointing coming to your life on the other side of your darkroom.

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  1. Awesome word! Thank you, it makes me so much more appreciate the “dark room” at times in my life. In Kings it says, “ The Lord he dwells in thick darkness.” In I Timothy it says the Lord dwells in the light. So we can go no where in the day or the night that He isn’t already there . But the Lord also speaks to us in the night when we are resting and still. It was a blessing to hear what the Lord has spoken to you in the “dark room” .

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  2. LOVED this Sherri! J

    I call it ‘My Cave Time Out’ and I have been shut in with HIM many times!!!—which has been hard but absolutely wonderful as I learn more about my 3-N-1 God & HIS plans for me now that I am 80!!!

    HE pulls me in, usually through health issues, teaches me and then sometimes thrusts me out like I am on a rocket ship.

    I do miss you & Dan & love it that I can keep up with both of you on FB & here! J \O/

    You 2 keep up your wonderful ministry to the Body of Christ!!!!

    Wow, how beautiful and how your children have grown up so fast!

    Take care and keep posting!!!

    Love, hugs, and blessings,

    Sonja/Bunica O;-)

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  3. I love your definition and description of those times of inner work that is just between you and God. I remember the day God said I”I want you to myself right now.” Now I understand this time of processing all I am being I am being filled with at this time of outward activity. Your message puts it all in a great perspective. Thank you!

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  4. Hello Sherri,
    Here’s a vision I had in 2016 that I feel related to your post. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    In March of 2015 I had the following vision:
    Rom 8:19
    (19) For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.
    I saw a vision this morning where I saw a crowd gathered in front of a stage. They were eagerly watching those on the stage. As they watched, the people on the stage, one by one, removed the masks that they were wearing exposing their true nature and identity. The crowd would groan in disappointment because their hopes had been dashed. However, there were others, not on the stage, in and among the crowd who did not have masks on. These the crowd slowly but surely began to take note of. I think it’s worthy of note to say that these were not on a stage and therefore not looking for recognition. I believe that this is a call to examine our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to examine us so that there is no mask but true holiness and not just a pretense.
    Last night I had a vision that started just before going to bed and was there again upon waking this morning.
    The scripture that was in my spirit, Romans 8:19, was the same one that was dropped into my spirit in March of 2016.
    In the latest vision I saw what looked like a row of doors that were closed. I then saw an angel holding a lamp and going up to the closed doors and knocking. When the door opened I saw that inside was dark and I got the sense that the room was small like a closet, a prayer closet to be exact. I then heard the angel say, “it’s time”, as he would knock on each door and the door opened.
    It’s my belief that the Lord has kept prayer warriors and intercessors hidden from view but that seems to be about to change.

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  5. You created such a vivid picture of this season. It’s not a feel-good time. It’s frustrating, scary and lonely!!! You don’t talk about it, because you are clueless of what to say or what to expect from one moment to the next. The things you thought were important seems less important now, and your reality of everything shifts (even for the people in your lives). I’ve screamed and cried, begging God to show me what’s going on. Then there’s the moment when I stop struggling and trying to figure things out. I started holding on to His word, that He would never leave me or forsake me. Even though I couldn’t tell you what was going to happen from one day to the next, I came to the conclusion that my Father knew exactly what He had for me. So now, it’s not about what Barbara can and should do, but what my Dad is choosing to do with me and inside me. I’m learning in this dark time to lean and depend totally on my Father. “In Him, I live and move, and have my being”. My love for Him is stronger and my dependence on Him is greater. Bit by bit, He gives me the scripture that pertains to His love and support, His power and greatness, and His mercy and grace. Thank You, Father, for the darkroom experience. “You, Lord are a shield about me, my glory and the lifter of my head”. Sherri thank you so much for giving us such a clear insight of this place and helping us to realize that it is not the end, but the beginning of something new and fresh from Father God! It’s preparation for what’s to come and our Dad wants us stronger, prepared and focused on Him! Hallelujah! Barbara Kimber

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    • Yes, yes, yes 🥰🙌 so beautifully said!!!
      It is frustrating, amazing, and scary. Will God ever use me again in the way I was used before? So many similar questions surface. But HE IS FAITHFUL to complete what He started in you❤️❤️❤️


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