I grew up in a Christian home and was led to the Lord by my dad at age seven.  I didn’t feel like I had a powerful testimony,  I hadn’t been saved from a life of drugs or addiction, I wasn’t living on the streets or hadn’t overcome some horrible hardship. I was just a shy girl that loved the Lord and wanted to serve Him with my life. My parents stewarded my spiritual hunger and created an expectation in our home that His presence only increases.  

When I was thirteen I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and at age 16 I had a life-changing encounter with the Lord. From that point on I had a growing hunger for the presence and the prophetic word of the Lord. I continued to learn, grow and discover Him. I knew my life was destined to be a catalyst for His presence but didn’t know what that would look like for me, especially with my quiet and shy personality.  I wasn’t comfortable stepping out, but I was comfortable in supporting others and taking a role that wasn’t on the stage or that involved speaking.  

At age 20 I married my husband, Dan, we spent six years in ministry to youth. From there we went on to pastor a church in Richmond Virginia for three years. In 2005 we took a huge risk, gave up our security, sold our home to return to our “home town” Greensboro North Carolina to plant a church downtown. We had heard the Lord and knew it was the direction He was leading us but it would require a lot of faith. I had no idea exactly how much of ‘me’ it would require but it has taken everything I have and everything I didn’t think I had.

God has taken me on a wild journey of freedom as He literally pushed me out of the nest into roles I didn’t feel I was equipped for. Even in ministry, we can hide out in a role never really tapping our full potential.  Hunger for His presence, the prophetic and equipping others, led my husband and I to plant a supernatural school of ministry in 2010. Through His grace, I learned that everything I desired was on the other side of my fear.  My life has been step after step of overcoming what seemed like I couldn’t overcome – until I did.  

My world consists of my amazing husband, Dan and our four legends, Molly, Sydney, Annie and River.  I am a full-time home schooling mom, co-leader of Center City Church, overseer of Convergence School of Supernatural Ministry and a champion of people. I love seeing people come into their God-given destiny and realizing God has so much more for their lives than what they imagined.

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